For investors seeking to add residential new construction real estate as part of their investment portfolio, Reynolds Developments pursues projects that create valuable opportunities in the New Orleans and Greater New Orleans area. These projects are typically infill developments designed to maximize investment value. Our lean approach reduces overhead and has allowed Reynolds Developments to deliver a ROI to our investors that has far exceeded the stock market average. If you are interested in investing, please contact us at info@reynoldsdevelopments.com.




Custom new home construction is one of the most exciting projects for a contractor. As a custom home builder, Reynolds Developments works to help our clients build their dream home. A licensed general contractor, Reynolds Developments understands the ins and outs of new home construction. We use a multiple phase design build process to create your dream home. Beginning with our “Preconstruction Package,” our team works directly with the client and architect to make sure every single detail is addressed so that we can build a custom house that fits both the client’s wishes and budget. Unfortunately many prospective clients do not hire a company that has experience in both the designing and building aspects of new construction, often spending thousands of dollars in architect’s fees only to meet with a contractor and find out they cannot afford to build the house the architect designed. The Reynolds Developments approach eliminates this common pitfall, instead allowing our team of architect, builder, and designer to work together to value engineer your custom dream home. The process starts with an initial meeting to discuss what the client wants, and over several more meetings evolves into floor plans, elevations, material selections that are all specifically designed for each client. Reynolds Developments takes great pride in building high quality custom homes for our customers.


What is Reynolds Developments?

Reynolds Developments is a New Orleans based, boutique development company specializing in residential new construction, custom home building, and infill development.  As a small firm, Reynolds Developments is able to provide customers with a hands on design-build experience, working seamlessly with an architect to design and build a house that fits each customers’ needs and budget. This personal experience is invaluable when choosing your home builder.

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